Leading in Love – Inspiration to grow on

Crafty Celtic crosses by Cathy and Debra.

Thank you to the St. Giles LEAD team led by Jim S., the most excellent “Revs” – Christine O’Reilly, Janine Dekker, Rebecca Roushorne, Allan Farris and Judith Farris as well as our musician for the day, Chris M. for a heartfelt and spirit-led day apart to re-orient ourselves as leaders or “first followers” in our own church and in the wider community.  And a special thank you to all of those who came from other churches and possibly stepped outside of their comfort zone to network and support each other to become servant leaders for the glory of God.  PS.  Great lunch, Joanne!  And 3 cheers for our techies behind-the-scenes, Geoff and Valdene, who operated the sound and many Powerpoints.