Welcome to 2011

Here we are going into a new year and all around we hear gloom and doom about the economy..

Take heart, however, because in the Christian church, and at St. Giles in particular, we have our faith in Christ to lead us through the rough patches and lead us on to a better place.  So if you are not already in regular attendance at our services on Sundays or a participant in one or more of our mid-week activities, why don’t you make it a point to come and renew your faith?  We have an excellent preacher in the Rev. Barry Van Dusen.  We have a good musical program which includes the Son Shine Praise Band which performs about once a month at a regular Sunday service.  (If you play a musical instrument, you might like to join, or if you sing, you could join our choir.)  Perhaps you would like to learn more about our Christian faith, then come to our regular Bible study.  Or perhaps you like to read good books and share your thoughts with others, then come to our library or one of our two book clubs.

So you see, there is lots to do and enjoy at St. Giles.  Whether you are new to Sarnia, or a long-time resident who is looking to refresh your faith experience, why don’t you give us a try?  You’ll be glad you did.

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