Onliner Notes April 17

Sermon Application – The message from Rev. Barry : Take out your earbuds so you can hear your Shepherd talking to you.  In my classroom we have 3 listening routines – be still, look at the speaker, think about what the speaker is saying.
Next Sunday’s Scripture – Check out The Text this Week to access commentary and all of the scripture verses online
In sifting through the resources, this one called Tough Love is a short but good read
Family Conversation – The letters of LOVE (L-listen, O-open, V-visible, E-engage from the article above) How can you express love this week?  The Youth are trying to come up with some ideas that go beyond donating in order to get involved in social justice issues.  Do you have suggestions?  Anything slightly out of our comfort zone?  PS.  Let us keep the grieving people of Attawapiskat in our prayers
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