Sunday School for Children

We are building on the old (Old Testament, that is) with the new.
It’s a NEW year, a NEW curriculum and we will be focusing on the NEW Testament using Dwell Curriculum published by Faith Alive.


DWELL children’s ministry and Sunday school curriculum actively engages kids in God’s story using interactive games, reflective wondering, dramatic storytelling, and a whole lot of fun.

Colourful story symbols create visual timelines; wondering questions draw children into God’s Big Story;  ​DWELL is grounded in a Reformed perspective and solid pedagogy.

​DWELL invites kids to find their place in God’s story, living into and out of it for the rest of their lives

Past Dig In Curriculum below:

Music Videos Hope in the Lord (Psalm 33:20) 

Ready to Serve (Deuteronomy 13:4)

We Can Trust Him (Psalm 33:4)

Talk About Video Sticky Jesus at the Temple Story 

We’re collecting donations of toilet paper this month. To make this World Changers fundraiser even more fun, we want to see how you can dress up or design your toilet paper! Your family can even book a time to come to the church and stack all the toilet paper into a big snowman or other creation.

STORY VIDEO Here’s a funny video of 2 Pharisees spying on Jesus eating with Matthew. Spying on Jesus
MUSIC VIDEO Ever thought of indoor skydiving? Check out this video to see what it would be like: Give it Away

Get your groove on with Jesus is Alive Music Video









Talk About Video:

Craft: Super spinners made out of a toothpick and paper.

I’m Trusting You music video  and this link Something’s Fishy talk about video

Music Video:

Talk About Video:

Elisha Lesson – God is Always With Us

Elijah and the Prophets of Baal – God is All-Powerful